Månad: januari 2011

  • Ending my assignment at ST-Ericsson

    Today I have informed my manager at ST-Ericsson that I do not intend to prolong my current contract with ST-Ericsson. It has been an very interesting 2,5 years with the Platform Security section at ST-Ericsson in Lund. I’ve been working with a wide variation of tasks within software engineering, experienced the merger and birth of […]

  • What are your strengths? These are my strengths…

    Roughly one year ago I bought StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath. By buying the book I was entitled to a online assessment to identify my personal strengths which, of course, I did. Last week I found the result from the online assessment lying in a drawer. So, according to the assessment these are my five […]

  • Upgrading to a premium Lastpass account

    I got introduced to @LastPass not too long ago, but I’ve been sceptic to store all my password in one place. @Jyxxan sent me the following great podcast by @SGgrc and I’ve now signed up for a premium account!