Just do it and do it quickly

Need a simple framework for getting things done that make sure that you keep progressing? I was reading ”Getting Real” by 37signal when I saw the following simple framework, by Derek Sivers, president and programmer, CD Baby and HostBaby, for getting things done in a web development environment. Decide if it’s worth doing, and if […]

Day 2: Write a list post

It is the second day of 31 in the ”31 days to build a better blog” series and today’s task is to write a list post ”with some kind of list in it”. Daily Reflections What have I learnt? Just as after the first day, I thought that I should write down some reflections on […]

A simple method for estimating and evaluating risk

A simple way to calculate, evaluate and manage an identified risk is to look at two specific properties and that is its probability and impact. Calculating the risk Let’s have a look at the steps in calculating the risk! Step 1 – Risk identification The first step is to identify all risks. Simply collect all […]