9 Habits You Should Stop Doing

Stop and do the right thing!A key factor to successfully change your habits it to stop doing things. It is easy to say that you should start doing this and start doing that. Most of us has at some point said; ”I should eat more healthy food” or ”I should exercise more”. But that is not change, it is adding more on top of all the things you are already doing.

Lifehack has a interesting post on 9 things that you need to stop doing which I recommend that you read. Below you can find the 9 things that they recommend you stop doing. Read the article to learn more!

  1. Trying to do everything
  2. Answering all emails
  3. Thinking you have to do everything immediately
  4. Putting important tasks off
  5. Trying to get things perfect the first time round
  6. Being hung up over details
  7. Not having clear goals
  8. Not taking breaks
  9. Trying to please everyone

Which of these do you need to stop doing? Leave a comment and let us know!