The key elements of management

Have you ever wondered what management does? Or maybe what management should do?

As with many other areas in life, management is something that is subjectively defined.

According to Fayol, also known as the father of the modern operational management theory, there are 5 main elements, or sometimes referred to as functions, that a manager needs to perform. These functions are planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and monitoring.

While Koontz and O´Donnel define the key elements of management as the following five elements planning, organizing, staffing, leading (or directing) and controlling.

Peter Drucker, in his book ”The Principles of Management”, defines management as a multi-purpose organ that manages business and manages managers and manages workers and work.

As I see it, management is about getting a group of people to collectively reach the objectives of the organization by using the available resources as efficiently as possible within given constraints.

Is this what your manager is doing? Maybe your are a manager, if so are you performing these functions or are you preforming other functions?

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