Månad: maj 2012

  • The 3 Steps to Finding Win-Win Solutions

    As mentioned earlier finding win-win solutions in business, as well as in your private life, is a key to making good decisions. The people over at enlightr.com listed three steps to finding win-win solutions that are worth having in mind when looking for win-win solutions. The steps are.. Take your negative emotions out of the […]

  • Be gentle with the earth, think green and be friendly to your environment

    Always try to minimize your negative impact on nature. Try to consider if you really need to have the latest thing on the market. If you really do need a new, can the old can be reused somehow? Use the technology and innovations at hand with this in mind. As an example, if possible use […]

  • The best partnerships are found in a win-win situations

    The best partnership is one in which the provided value for each other exceeds the need for the other, i.e. a win-win situation.

  • Designing and testing embedded systems

    Having worked with both C and embedded systems for a major of my professional time I have always found it interesting to apply different software development methodologies and practices in an embedded environment. One such practice is test driven development (a.k.a. tdd). Often, I’ve heard the excuse that various ideas can not be applied to […]

  • Respecting meeting appointments

    Have you ever been waiting for one or two persons to show up so that a meeting can start? Or even worse, maybe there are several persons waiting? As indicated by the Dilbert comic strip below, one could consider this as a sign of disrespect. I would argue that this is definitely the case when […]