Agile vs Iterative developement

Developing new (software) products in an agile manner has become more or less de-facto standard these days. Most of us can agree to that, right?

But are your really sure that you are doing agile development?

Maybe you are not.

Maybe you are only working in an iterative environment thinking that it must be agile.

Maybe you are working with the devil in disguise!

It is time to do some self-evaluation!

I surfed into a article called ”Should we choose Agile or Iterative development?” by Sandy Mamoli which nicely outlines the following six points that differ between agile and iterative development.

  • Mini-waterfall is still waterfall
  • Agile is iterative AND incremental
  • Agile helps “building the right thing” through customer involvement
  • Agile delivers high quality
  • Agile is open to incorporating feedback and learnings
  • Agile fosters communication and collaboration

Head over and read entire article to get a better and deeper understand to if you are doing agile or iterative development!