Månad: februari 2013

  • Do you have a good flow in GIT?

    I have previously talked about a successful git branching model by Vincent Driessen which I find to be very useful as starting point for creating a branching model that fits your needs. Now there is a cool little tool called gitflow which is a collection of Git extensions to provide high-level repository operations that match the […]

  • How to install PEAR on Mac OS X

    Needing to use PEAR I stumbled upon a simple tutorial to install PEAR on Mac OS X by Jason McCreary. Simply follow the three steps and you’ll be up and running! Download PEAR Configure and Install PEAR Verify PEAR Download Run the following bash commands curl -O http://pear.php.net/go-pear.phar sudo php -d detect_unicode=0 go-pear.phar Configure and Install […]