How to install PEAR on Mac OS X

Needing to use PEAR I stumbled upon a simple tutorial to install PEAR on Mac OS X by Jason McCreary.

Simply follow the three steps and you’ll be up and running!

  1. Download PEAR
  2. Configure and Install PEAR
  3. Verify PEAR


Run the following bash commands

curl -O
sudo php -d detect_unicode=0 go-pear.phar

Configure and Install

  1. Set the ”Installation base ($prefix)” to ”/usr/local/pear”.
    • Type 1 and press return.
    • Enter: /usr/local/pear
  2. Set the ”Binaries directory” to ”/usr/local/bin”
    • Type 4 and press return.
    • Enter: /usr/local/bin
  3. Finish the configuration by pressing return twice.


By running any pear command you should be able to verify if it works or not.


$ pear version
PEAR Version: 1.9.4
PHP Version: 5.3.15
Zend Engine Version: 2.3.0