Use Vagrant to setup and manage your development environment

When there are more then one person working on developing a application there is a need to make sure every  one is using the same revisions off all the tools that are used to produce the application.

One way is to write list with all tools and their revisions and special settings and then make sure that every one updates their environment accordingly.

However, there is a lot of manual and error prone work involved to make sure that this always followed by all involved in the project.

Enter Vagrant! This is simple and easy to use tool that allows you to in a simple way create, maintain and distribute a development environment running on Virtual Box, VMware or even AWS. You can even version control the configuration, e.g. using git!

By using simple shell scripts you can provision your environment to make sure that everyone are using the same tools etc.

Go a head and have a look at it! Let us know what you think!