7 simple rules of conduct for software developers

I often refer to the adaptation of the boy scout rule for software development which says that as a software developer you should aim to ”always check a module in cleaner than when you checked it out” .

Continuing to be inspired by the boy scouts and their scout law, here are 7 simple rules that every software developer should aim to live by.

  1. A software developer always tries to write as clean code as possible and respects the code written by others.
  2. A software developer acts honestly and reliably.
  3. A software developer is friendly and helpful towards others.
  4. A software developer shows respect and is a good coworker.
  5. A software developer faces difficult times with a cheerful mood.
  6. A software developer gets to know the code base and cherishes it.
  7. A software developer feels responsible for his code and that of his coworkers.
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