A simple method for estimating and evaluating risk

A simple way to calculate, evaluate and manage an identified risk is to look at two specific properties and that is its probability and impact. Calculating the risk Let’s have a look at the steps in calculating the risk! Step 1 – Risk identification The first step is to identify all risks. Simply collect all […]

Project vs Line organization and their responsibilities

Have you ever wondered why you got both a line organization and a project organization, a.k.a. matrix organization? What is the responsibility of each organization? Project vs Line in a Matrix Organization The line organization is often divided into a set of functional silos. This is obvious on a high level where we got finance, […]

I wish I heard no but

Have you ever heard something similar to the following sentences? ”Your product is fantastic, but it is not what we are looking for.” ”You are doing a great job, but I wish you could do this as well.” How great does that make you feel? Do you really have a fantastic product? Are you really […]

Not making an ass of both you and me

I’ve been told that when you assume things, you make an Ass of U and Me. Instead you should communicate, which means that you should talk, ask and discuss with the people you interact with. So do not make any assumptions, instead get as much fact as you possibly can. Make you decisions as late […]

How to handle your personal brand online

As usual, Dilbert delivers great strips related to both software and management! Especially the one below, since I’ve set up this site as a part of promoting my personal brand on-line. I believe that the importance of promoting your self on-line is here to stay and will only grow in the future. Being able to […]