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  • Day 2: Write a list post

    It is the second day of 31 in the ”31 days to build a better blog” series and today’s task is to write a list post ”with some kind of list in it”. Daily Reflections What have I learnt? Just as after the first day, I thought that I should write down some reflections on […]

  • Day 1: Write an elevator pitch for your blog

    As mention earlier, I’ve started on 31 day journey to create a better blog and today is the first day of this journey. Well, actually a number of days has passed but this is however the first of 31 tasks in the journey. The ”31 days to build a better blog” consists of 31 tasks. […]

  • Starting a 31 day journey to build a better blogg with help of @ProBlogger

    I purchased ”31 days to build a better blog” by Darren Rowse, a.k.a. ProBlogger, some days ago. After having briefly skimmed through it, I’ve decided to give it a try. It might not take 31 calender days to complete it but I’ll go through each step to see where I end up. To help me […]

  • A note to my self if I ever get cancer

    Every once in a while you hear some tragic news related to cancer. It could be related to your self, your family or friends. However, now and then you might hear some thing good like presented in this video. It is a shame if all the allegations are true regarding hindering dr Burzynski from making […]

  • Test of wordpress android app

    Testing Testing 1 2 3…

  • I must remember that left shift + alt changes language on Windows XP

    This is a problem that I guess all non-english Windows XP users run into at some point. It is nice to know that the XP era is soon over… http://superuser.com/questions/52474/xp-keyboard-and-language-switching

  • How to best use your smart phone – measure your lawn

    One interesting thing you can do with your smart phone when you have nothing better to do is to measure how long your lawn is. In my case it seems like it is 490 meters. I’m not sure if it is the Android application from JogTracker or if it is the GPS in my Samsung […]

  • The big fat fiasco

    Found a series of YouTube clips from a presentation by Tom Naughton on ”how the misguided fear of saturated fat created a nation of obese diabetics”. Very interesting! Gives you something to think about next time you eat.  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

  • Ending my assignment at ST-Ericsson

    Today I have informed my manager at ST-Ericsson that I do not intend to prolong my current contract with ST-Ericsson. It has been an very interesting 2,5 years with the Platform Security section at ST-Ericsson in Lund. I’ve been working with a wide variation of tasks within software engineering, experienced the merger and birth of […]

  • Upgrading to a premium Lastpass account

    I got introduced to @LastPass not too long ago, but I’ve been sceptic to store all my password in one place. @Jyxxan sent me the following great podcast by @SGgrc and I’ve now signed up for a premium account!