Etikett: Linux

  • Introduction to bash programming

    Are you new to bash programming? Want to know more about it? If you answer yes then I recommend that you have a look at the BASH Programming – Introduction HOW-TO by Mike G.

  • Bash settings

    Occasionally I need to update my .bashrc file and every time I google for information on how to do different things. These are some more common things I end up putting into my .bashrc that I’ve found while googling. #Common alias alias …=’cd .. ; cd ..’ alias ..=’cd ..’ alias _=’cd -’ alias cls=’clear’…

  • A makefile template

    The following is a template for the core of a makefile that uses selected parts of the gnu make conventions which I’ve been using more frequent. SHELL = /bin/sh .SUFFIXES: .SUFFIXES: .c .o #Package pkg_name = pkg_version = 1.0 CFLAGS = -g ALL_CFLAGS = -I. $(CFLAGS) CPPFLAGS = INSTALL = install INSTALL_PROGRAM = $(INSTALL) INSTALL_DATA…