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  • 10 tips for managing project risk

    Do you need some tips on how to avoid your project to fail? If so, here are 10 great tips that you can use to avoid failure of your project. All projects has risks associated with them. As a project manager you need to be aware of them and pro-actively make sure that they are […]

  • 13 tips for setting project goals

    In a recent post I high lighted 18 ways to successfully get started with your project. Once you get going it is important that you know where you are going, so here are 13 tips for setting project goals. The sooner you have gained approval for the goals for the project, the greater the likelihood […]

  • 18 tips to successfully start a project

    Make sure that you give your self the time to do it right from the beginning. Starting up a new project requires both resources and time, it can take from a day to several months, so make sure to use them wisely. It is at the beginning of the project that you have the greatest […]

  • Project vs Line organization and their responsibilities

    Have you ever wondered why you got both a line organization and a project organization, a.k.a. matrix organization? What is the responsibility of each organization? Project vs Line in a Matrix Organization The line organization is often divided into a set of functional silos. This is obvious on a high level where we got finance, […]