Day 2: Write a list post

It is the second day of 31 in the ”31 days to build a better blog” series and today’s task is to write a list post ”with some kind of list in it”.

Daily Reflections

What have I learnt?

Just as after the first day, I thought that I should write down some reflections on what I have learnt in the process.

First of all, time spent on creating and writing the post was way much more then I anticipated. Both the calender time (from staring date to finishing date) and the actual time spent (number of hours) on this task took much longer to create then I would have guestimated.

The number of drafts for posts is a continuously increasing number. I seem to have ideas for relevant posts but I don’t finish writing the posts.

The size of the posts that I actually do work on has a tendency to grow beyond what I envisioned before starting to write the post.

In summary, I need to focus on completing the posts that I begin and have a system (or framework) for writing them. By doing so I should be able to shorten the time spent on each post, reduce the number of draft posts and also keep the posts to a reasonable size. I also hope to create several more condense posts more often compared to today.

What actions have I taken as a result of day 2?

The concrete result of this task is the post 18 guidelines to make ethical, environmental and generally good business decisions which was based on the 18 rules for living by Dalai Lama.

Other examples are the 6 ways to reduce disk usage on Window 7 or the 6 dancing algorithms.

What is next?

Next in the 31dbbb series is day 3: Promote a blog post.