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  • The 3 Steps to Finding Win-Win Solutions

    As mentioned earlier finding win-win solutions in business, as well as in your private life, is a key to making good decisions. The people over at enlightr.com listed three steps to finding win-win solutions that are worth having in mind when looking for win-win solutions. The steps are.. Take your negative emotions out of the…

  • Creating a well designed user interface

    Being a technical programming geek that knows more or less everything there is to know about programming does not automatically make you a good user interface create. RepeatGeek has collected 10 resource for design-challenged programmers which are worth reading to increase you knowledge on the subject of creating well designed user interfaces.  

  • Introduction to bash programming

    Are you new to bash programming? Want to know more about it? If you answer yes then I recommend that you have a look at the BASH Programming – Introduction HOW-TO by Mike G.

  • 9 Habits You Should Stop Doing

    A key factor to successfully change your habits it to stop doing things. It is easy to say that you should start doing this and start doing that. Most of us has at some point said; ”I should eat more healthy food” or ”I should exercise more”. But that is not change, it is adding…

  • I am a software craftsman, are you?

    Having signed the manifesto for software craftsmanship I’d like to make the following statement As aspiring software craftsman I’m raising the bar of professional software development by practising it and helping others learn the craft. Through this work I’ve have come to value: Not only working software, but also well-crafted software Not only responding to…

  • Zero Inspection

    Regardless if it is due to yourself or it was dropped in your knee by someone else, have you ever had problem with the quality of your software? I know I have and I guess that all of us at some point in time have been in the situation where we face an ever growing…

  • A note to my self if I ever get cancer

    Every once in a while you hear some tragic news related to cancer. It could be related to your self, your family or friends. However, now and then you might hear some thing good like presented in this video. It is a shame if all the allegations are true regarding hindering dr Burzynski from making…

  • Test of wordpress android app

    Testing Testing 1 2 3…

  • Free computer science classes

    Just stumbled upon a greate site which contains 50 free open classes on computer science

  • I must remember that left shift + alt changes language on Windows XP

    This is a problem that I guess all non-english Windows XP users run into at some point. It is nice to know that the XP era is soon over… http://superuser.com/questions/52474/xp-keyboard-and-language-switching