Etikett: Humour

  • A programmers dricking song

    If you are having a party with your geek friends then the following little song by Jack Gannsle might be something for you… 100 little bugs in the code, 100 bugs in the code, Fix one bug, compile it again, 101 little bugs in the code. 101 little bugs in the code….. (Repeat until BUGS…

  • How to handle your personal brand online

    As usual, Dilbert delivers great strips related to both software and management! Especially the one below, since I’ve set up this site as a part of promoting my personal brand on-line. I believe that the importance of promoting your self on-line is here to stay and will only grow in the future. Being able to…

  • A trekkie business plan

    If you have run out of ideas then why not try out using the trekkie business plan?