De-motivation survey

I just read a interesting blog post by Robert W. Swaim on de-motivation, based on the theories of Peter Drucker, which got me thinking that I should set up a survey to get some real data. I’ll publish the result once I got a fair number of responses. So go a head and answer the survey. You’ll find out how to interpret the result at the end!

[survey id=’3′]

Mr Swaim created the following table for how to interpret the result.





Very Positive & Motivating Environment No action necessary on your part. You are lucky to be in this type of organization.


Good & Motivating Environment Maybe not everything you would like but still a conducive working environment.


Fair Motivating Environment Still a pretty good place to work as long as you feel your talents are being utilized and you are growing personally.


Occasionally De-motivating Environment Can be irritating at times, but if you can still perform the way you want to and are happy with your compensation, overlook some of the small things.


Getting To Be a De-motivating Environment You are probably beginning to lose some sleep over this. Where did you score over “5” and can you do something to change this?


De-motivating Environment You are probably not performing the way you want to because of too many of these distractions. Your health and personal life can suffer if the situation does not improve. Seriously consider leaving when the right opportunity presents itself. Start a consulting business on the side.


Very De-motivating Environment Update your resume and start looking for a new job unless you believe in miracles and the situation will improve soon.


The Worst of All Possible Situations Why are you still there?