I wish I heard no but

Have you ever heard something similar to the following sentences?

”Your product is fantastic, but it is not what we are looking for.”

”You are doing a great job, but I wish you could do this as well.”

How great does that make you feel? Do you really have a fantastic product? Are you really doing a good job?

The word ”but” is a hard word to hear. It tells the receiving end that you don’t really agree if you use it.

When communicating I really try to avoid using the the word ”but” and it is not a easy thing to do!

Here are 5 word that you can use to avoid the word “but”. Simply replace the word ”but” and use any of these words:

  1. and
  2. however
  3. while
  4. therefore
  5. though

Do yo try to avoid using but? How do you do it? Let us know by leaving a comment!