Månad: september 2012

  • 4 core company statements for your business

    Do you run a business? If so, there are 4 statements that you should be aware of and preferably have defined for your business. These statements are… the vision statement, a description of what your organization wants to become the mission statement, a description of why your organization currently exists a statement of values, a description of core […]

  • Agile vs Iterative developement

    Developing new (software) products in an agile manner has become more or less de-facto standard these days. Most of us can agree to that, right? But are your really sure that you are doing agile development? Maybe you are not. Maybe you are only working in an iterative environment thinking that it must be agile. […]

  • Can’t upload images?

    Have you tried to upload images to your newly installed WordPress site and it didn’t work? Here is how I solved it! It turned out to be really simple… I simply added a uploads directory in the wp-content directory, i.e. \wordpress\wp-content\uploads. If this didn’t help you can try to change mode to 777 on the […]