WordPress Themes vs Plugins and the single responsibility principle

Have you every thought about what should go into a WordPress theme and what should go into a WordPress plugin? This is a question that I for sometime have been thinking reading about. The WordPress codex has the following definitions: ”Fundamentally, the WordPress Theme system is a way to ”skin” your weblog. Yet, it is more than just a […]

How to install PEAR on Mac OS X

Needing to use PEAR I stumbled upon a simple tutorial to install PEAR on Mac OS X by Jason McCreary. Simply follow the three steps and you’ll be up and running! Download PEAR Configure and Install PEAR Verify PEAR Download Run the following bash commands curl -O http://pear.php.net/go-pear.phar sudo php -d detect_unicode=0 go-pear.pharcurl -O http://pear.php.net/go-pear.phar sudo […]

Creating a single file WordPress plugin in 2 steps

To create a single file plugin in WordPress is really simple. Following the steps below should leave you with a single file plugin that is ready to be filled with valuable functionality. Create a new PHP file with a name derived from your chosen Plugin name and store it in the wp-content/plugins directory, e.g. ”wp-content/plugins/FooBar.php”. […]