Etikett: Strategy

  • 4 core company statements for your business

    Do you run a business? If so, there are 4 statements that you should be aware of and preferably have defined for your business. These statements are… the vision statement, a description of what your organization wants to become the mission statement, a description of why your organization currently exists a statement of values, a description of core…

  • The hierarchy of Company Statements

    Every company should, at least, have thought about why they exist, where they want to go and their goals. Preferably they should have written it down in a number of statements. But what statements should a company have? Here is an hierarchy of company statements that each company should consider to define and communicate Vision…

  • Open innovation as an entrepreneurial strategy

    I’ll be writing my MBA thesis on open innovation as an entrepreneurial strategy. Here is a presentation by Henry Chesbrough as an introduction to the subject of open innovation.