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  • 7 simple rules of conduct for software developers

    I often refer to the adaptation of the boy scout rule for software development which says that as a software developer you should aim to ”always check a module in cleaner than when you checked it out” . Continuing to be inspired by the boy scouts and their scout law, here are 7 simple rules that every software […]

  • How to create a structured .gitignore file

    If you are working with git as your version control system on your projects then you are probably aware of the .gitignore file. Not heard about the .gitignore file before? Then I recommend to read up on what the .gitignore file does! Most often the .gitignore file organically grows beyond control as the project evolves […]

  • WordPress Themes vs Plugins and the single responsibility principle

    Have you every thought about what should go into a WordPress theme and what should go into a WordPress plugin? This is a question that I for sometime have been thinking reading about. The WordPress codex has the following definitions: ”Fundamentally, the WordPress Theme system is a way to ”skin” your weblog. Yet, it is more than just a […]

  • Use Vagrant to setup and manage your development environment

    When there are more then one person working on developing a application there is a need to make sure every  one is using the same revisions off all the tools that are used to produce the application. One way is to write list with all tools and their revisions and special settings and then make sure that […]

  • How to build a WordPress query for the Loop

    Have you ever need to generate a wordpress query to be used in the loop but you have not been really sure how to do it? Try using the WordPress query generator it might help you get going!

  • Do you have a good flow in GIT?

    I have previously talked about a successful git branching model by Vincent Driessen which I find to be very useful as starting point for creating a branching model that fits your needs. Now there is a cool little tool called gitflow which is a collection of Git extensions to provide high-level repository operations that match the […]

  • How to install PEAR on Mac OS X

    Needing to use PEAR I stumbled upon a simple tutorial to install PEAR on Mac OS X by Jason McCreary. Simply follow the three steps and you’ll be up and running! Download PEAR Configure and Install PEAR Verify PEAR Download Run the following bash commands curl -O http://pear.php.net/go-pear.phar sudo php -d detect_unicode=0 go-pear.phar Configure and Install […]

  • Creating a single file WordPress plugin in 2 steps

    To create a single file plugin in WordPress is really simple. Following the steps below should leave you with a single file plugin that is ready to be filled with valuable functionality. Create a new PHP file with a name derived from your chosen Plugin name and store it in the wp-content/plugins directory, e.g. ”wp-content/plugins/FooBar.php”. […]

  • Agile vs Iterative developement

    Developing new (software) products in an agile manner has become more or less de-facto standard these days. Most of us can agree to that, right? But are your really sure that you are doing agile development? Maybe you are not. Maybe you are only working in an iterative environment thinking that it must be agile. […]

  • Can’t upload images?

    Have you tried to upload images to your newly installed WordPress site and it didn’t work? Here is how I solved it! It turned out to be really simple… I simply added a uploads directory in the wp-content directory, i.e. \wordpress\wp-content\uploads. If this didn’t help you can try to change mode to 777 on the […]