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  • 6 ways to reduce disk usage on Window 7

    Are you lacking valuable disk space? Don’t want to, or maybe you cannot, buy more? There are some magic tricks that you can pull out of your magic memory hat to reduce the disk usage. Here are some of these tricks that you can do… Uninstalling applications Reducing the size of the winsxs folder Reducing […]

  • The single responsibility principle

    ”A class should have one, and only one, reason to change.” – Robert C Martin If I had to choose one design principle that has been most useful to practice over time it surely is the single responsibility principle (SRP). What is this principle about? The idea is that a module (or class) should only […]

  • 6 dancing algorithms

    After my last post on the dancing bubble-sort algorithm I found a whole series of different dancing algorithms, 6 in total, all created at Sapientia University, Tirgu Mures (Marosvásárhely), Romania. Very educational videos worth watching if you want to learn more about these sorting algorithms! Enjoy! Quick-sort Merge-sort Shell-sort Select-sort Bubble-sort Insert-sort

  • Dancing the bubble-sort algorithm

    Have you wondered how the bubble-sort algorithm works? Or maybe you already know but what a new way to explain it? Have a look at this great video Created at Sapientia University, Tirgu Mures (Marosvásárhely), Romania. A very innovative way to learn the bubble-sort algorithm! Do you know any other unorthodox ways teach the bubble-sort […]

  • Introduction to function pointers in C

    Have you ever wondered what a function pointer in C is and how to use them? I have! I ran into a great introduction to function pointers that I just had to share with you. By using function pointer you can easily implement a callback function or why not create a dynamic interface by collecting […]

  • Once again how to create a password

    Recently hackers has been able to get 80,000 user names and passwords from a popular website. Having previously written about how to create a secure password I thought that the following little lesson on how to create a password from XKCD might be appropriate.  

  • How to show line numbers in Vim

    Have you ever wondered how to show the line numbers in your vim editor? The solution is quite easy. Find and open your .vimrc file, usually in your home directory. Add the following code snippet to the file set number To remove the line numbering simply write the following instead set nonumber

  • I am a software craftsman, are you?

    Having signed the manifesto for software craftsmanship I’d like to make the following statement As aspiring software craftsman I’m raising the bar of professional software development by practising it and helping others learn the craft. Through this work I’ve have come to value: Not only working software, but also well-crafted software Not only responding to […]

  • Zero Inspection

    Regardless if it is due to yourself or it was dropped in your knee by someone else, have you ever had problem with the quality of your software? I know I have and I guess that all of us at some point in time have been in the situation where we face an ever growing […]

  • How to know if you have a strong password? Want to be able to create a strong password?

    If your answer is yes and no then continue and read to learn ! There are a number of characteristics that characterize a strong password. All typed passwords are constructed based on a number of characters. As a result the characteristics of a strong password is related to the following: Characters Length Change Let’s have […]