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  • Free computer science classes

    Just stumbled upon a greate site which contains 50 free open classes on computer science

  • Introduction to Make for beginners

    As in any other profession, knowing your tools is the key for successfully doing your job. A chef without knives or a painter without a brush find it much harder to perform their job successfully and the same goes for a professional software developer. One such tool that a professional software developer should be aware […]

  • How to implement a module in C

    Introduction Being a programmer, we have all read source code that really hard to understand and follow. Words like spaghetti code instantly pop up in our head when we see it. Files are open in one file, used in a second and closed in a third file. Magic things are happening here and there. Code […]

  • A successful Git branching model

    Just read an interesting blog post on a successful git branching model by Vincent Driessen. It covers most of the needs I’ve encountered working with different SCM’s and should be applicable to most SCM’s, at least on a higher level.

  • A vim command cheat sheet for beginners

    I have noted that there are a number of VIM commands that are essential for VIM beginners.  There are several good beginners guide to use VIM, vim tutorials and vim cheat sheets but never the less here are a few of them that I’ve found to be good to know.. File commands Command Description / […]

  • Software tools

    This post lists software tools I use more or less frequently. 7-Zip is a file archiver application which supports a wide range of formats. Agent Ransack is a file searching utility. PuTTY is a terminal emulator application which can act as a client for the SSH, Telnet, rlogin, and raw TCP computing protocols and as […]

  • Bash settings

    Occasionally I need to update my .bashrc file and every time I google for information on how to do different things. These are some more common things I end up putting into my .bashrc that I’ve found while googling. #Common alias alias …=’cd .. ; cd ..’ alias ..=’cd ..’ alias _=’cd -’ alias cls=’clear’ […]

  • A makefile template

    The following is a template for the core of a makefile that uses selected parts of the gnu make conventions which I’ve been using more frequent. SHELL = /bin/sh .SUFFIXES: .SUFFIXES: .c .o #Package pkg_name = pkg_version = 1.0 CFLAGS = -g ALL_CFLAGS = -I. $(CFLAGS) CPPFLAGS = INSTALL = install INSTALL_PROGRAM = $(INSTALL) INSTALL_DATA […]